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Joe Mertens

2 Cities in Virginia Have Been Ranked as the Rudest Cities in America

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Disclaimer: The following information is updated for 2023. It is for educational purposes.

In the beautiful state of Virginia, two cities have been ranked as some of the rudest cities in America.

The Business Insider website made a list of the top 50 rudest cities in the United States. Here's what the two in Virginia were.

2. Richmond, VA. This place was ranked as the 45th rudest city in America.

The website says, "Since 1860, it's been a crime to swear in public in Richmond, which could be a reason why the city is low on this list. If someone swears in public they face a $250 fine, according to the Washington Post. In 2017, Delegate Michael Webert (R-Fauquier) wanted to change the law, because he thought it limited free speech."

1.6% of people surveyed believed Richmond was one of the rudest cities in America.

1. Virginia Beach, VA. This place was ranked as the 42nd rudest city in the United States.

"In Virginia Beach, a lawyer was punished for being rude on multiple occasions in 2015. John Crandley, the lawyer, referred to cases as "crap," and what another lawyer said as "nonsense" and "baloney." He was jailed twice for his sarcastic and rude courtroom behavior and disciplined a third time," the website says.

1.9% of people surveyed believed Virginia Beach was one of the rudest cities in the United States.

Despite being on this list, these two cities are still loved by a lot of people and shouldn't discourage you from visiting!

Those are the places in Virginia that have been ranked as some of the rudest cities in the United States.

What do you think about this? Do you think these places should have been on the list? Have you been to these cities before? Did you enjoy your experience there? Did you think the people there were rude? Comment below and let me know!

You can click the following link to go to the Business Insider website:

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