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Two Ohio Cities Named Among 'Worst Cities To Drive In' Across America

By Logan DeLoye,

Photo: Getty Images

What are the driving conditions like in your city? Some cities experience more dangerous driving seasons that others depending on the weather and roadway conditions. Regardless of the season, there are a few specific cities around the country that are more dangerous to drive in than others.

According to a list compiled by 24/7 Wall St ., the worst cities to drive in across Ohio are Cleveland and Akron.

Here is what 24/7 Wall St. had to say about compiled the data to discover the worst cities to drive in across the country :

"Dangerous driving cities are not unique to any certain part of the country. To identify the worst cities to drive in, 24/7 Wall St. created a weighted index to measure driving and road conditions in 376 metropolitan statistical areas. The index consists six measures: the shares of deadly vehicle accidents caused by weather and by poor roadway conditions; the number of deadly accidents for every 100,000 people; the share of driving deaths involving alcohol; the average annual time lost to traffic congestion; and the average price of a regular gallon of gas at the state level on Nov. 28, 2022."

For more of the worst cities to drive in across the country visit 24/ .

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