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Natalie Frank, Ph.D.

Chicago Mayor's Angry Excuse: "I'm Doing All of That with a Black Wife Raising 3 Black Children"


Mayor emphasizes snaps at reporter, saying he has too many family responsibilities to visit border with rest of Chicago contingency
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Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson faced scrutiny and frustration during a press conference when questioned about visiting the southern border. Mayor Johnson, visibly irked, cited his demanding roles as both a parent and mayor, highlighting his familial responsibilities and the pressing issues plaguing the city.

Asserting his dedication to his family and community, Mayor Johnson emphasized the challenges of juggling his duties as a parent with the demands of his mayoral role. He underscored the significance of his familial obligations, particularly as a husband to a black wife and father to three black children.

Addressing reporters, Mayor Johnson expressed his exasperation, emphasizing that his responsibilities as a parent were often overlooked in the scrutiny of his mayoral duties. Despite the challenges, he remained steadfast in his commitment to addressing the city's pressing concerns while balancing his personal life.

In response to previous cancellations, Mayor Johnson affirmed his intention to visit the border at the earliest opportunity. He acknowledged the complexities of his schedule, which encompassed addressing public safety issues, homelessness, and budgetary concerns while navigating the demands of family life.

Concluding his remarks, Mayor Johnson reiterated his determination to visit the border promptly, despite facing criticism for his handling of border-related policies and attempts to alleviate the influx of migrants to other cities.

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